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The original Tufeco build system took its' starting point with ceramic composites, as used in NASA's Space Shuttle tiles. Ceramics work in a different way to traditional insulation by reflecting/expelling heat and cold rather than the normal slowing down the transfer, also known as conductivity. The other point about ceramics is that it can be made from recycled glass, in fact again and again without losing any of its' original strength. Not many recyclable materials can claim such a characteristic. Tufeco's latest products take on two more exciting products, Graphene and Aerogel, now for their extreme performance characteristics in strength and thermal management. 

Another big area Tufeco have gone into is fire proof structural elements. They hope to have fire proof pultruded glass beams in their sales brochures by the end of next year. This will be an architects and builders dream - fire proof beams that are a quarter of the weight of steel and six times the yield strength of steel. Looks like we might be replacing the steel girder industry sometime soon.

As well as housing, Tufeco are currently working with partners Shelleco on various complete pod products for fast build hotels, offices, student accommodation and holiday chalet/garden pods.

Bathroom pod cut.png
Shelleco pod 1.jpg

Tufeco has tasked itself with deploying the next generation of digitally manufactured & deployed build systems.​ Primarily known for introducing a recycled glass, monolithic panelled flat pack build system that could be used to make whole buildings, including the foundation pad and roof as well as walls.

Tufeco has found the construction industry often tackle build problems and mandatory improvements by adding additional layers to existing systems rather than looking for a whole encompassing solution. Tufeco enjoy the challenge of starting from scratch, making sure to invest time and money to use the the most up to date and most sustainable of materials known today, and in some cases tomorrow. It is in the CEO Jon Gunn's resolve to stick by this mantra that brought him to create Fusion. After working several years fighting a steep uphill battle to introduce new and very eco tech to the industry, Jon's work is now set to explode into to manufacture.

Tufeco have teamed up with leaders in the field of high performance composites to deliver some very exciting products over the next few years, including an Ecotech 3mm thermal barrier sheet that will out perform its competitor's 50mm un-eco foam products.



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