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Carbon Eating Technology

Welcome to the 'game changers', taking the fight against greenhouse gases and Global warming head on. 

Developed by Fusion's technology partner, these containerised units capture the carbon from Methane (CH4) by splitting it into its primary elements, one part Carbon to two parts Hydrogen, using patented plasma technology that provides up to 70% conversion efficiency.

The Carbon using this method produces the highest quality Graphene currently in production today in the form of G1 and the most prolific Graphene method that produces G3. The G reference is a gauge to the quality and purity of the Graphene produced. These different qualities have different capabilities and therefore applications, from G1's use in replacing and upgrading silicone chips in computers & phones allowing processing speeds beyond belief, to G3's use in strengthening Concrete by 60%.

The Hydrogen can either continue back into the gas network (now minus its carbon) to its' destination, or used directly into the rapidly emerging Hydrogen based economy with new products entering the Ecotech market everyday. These include products in the car, train, plane and housing sectors, all powered by this super green energy gas, with water being the only byproduct of the Hydrogen being burnt.

These easily deployable Super green conversion units can be used in many different and varied applications. Some examples:

Oil well flaring caps, anaerobic digestion & bio plants, manufacturing facilities, housing estates and Solar & Wind storage plants.

...and the EcoGraphene can be used to build... nearly everything.

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