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The Business Plan 

Imagine a World...

...where waste methane is efficiently captured to eliminate emissions and then converted into high-value components driving the hydrogen economy and Ecotech innovation;


Where, until we transform our approach, ‘Natural Gas’ supplies used as Energy to power our civilization is stripped of its carbon in the highly valued super-conductive, lightweight and super-strong Graphene form and is turned into Hydrogen, a green energy source with pure water as its only emission; 


where that pure Carbon (Graphene), harvested in industrial quantities, can transform our lives by improving the efficiency and supply of renewable energy, reducing our energy needs and by enabling existing technological innovation that will rapidly reverse humanity's damaging impact on our Planet and lead us to a sustainable way of living; 


where Aerogel, the yin to the yang of Graphene as a super-insulative advanced material, can accelerate energy saving on a massive scale;


and where advanced composites materials, using both Graphene and Aerogels, have the potential to significantly reduce humanity’s reliance on natural resources, allowing the Earth time to heal.  


The technology to achieve this is demonstrable today and ready to meet the Climate Emergency. Fusion is a collaborative alliance of leading innovators that will bring existing and proven advanced material based technologies to the global marketplace. 


The starting point is established, the foundations built, the technology demonstrable and the vision achievable. We now need to deploy at unnatural speed.


We invite you to read on.....

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Plan Overview


The dictionary definition of Fusion, noun, “the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity” is an apt description of the origins of Fusion Ecotech Limited.


The joining together of companies with experience and specialist knowledge in related high tech applications of advanced materials has resulted in Fusion, an alliance that will be greater than the sum of its parts by focusing on immediate commercial applications and the further development of these existing technologies that, in some cases, have been brought together for the first time..

fusion convertors 2.jpg

Fusion Ecotech 


At a Macro level, Fusions technology driven approach, detailed below, has enormous implications for the dual imperatives of reducing the carbon emissions of the worst offending Primary and Secondary industries and the reduction of ‘waste’ through energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of significant levels of methane. There is no doubting the dramatic impact this will have on the climate change legal obligations of Governments such as the UK, and this is proven technology available now or with minimal commercial development for practical rollout.


On a Micro level, the Fusion Member’s technology could catapult the Carbon Negative or Carbon Neutral targets/pledges made by corporations such as BP, Shell and Microsoft to an early triumph, and this is available now. Industries that, until now, have only been able to Carbon Offset their output to give the veneer of “being Green” may be able to take direct action as a result of R&D currently at an advanced stage within Fusion and in the wider research community. Crucially, this can be achieved without sacrificing profits. Our solutions are commercially viable and profitable, the “Carrot” to Governments’ tried and tested “stick” approach of taxes to disincentivise as the solution to the problem.


We are at the start of an EcoTech Revolution and Fusion will lead the way by showing that we can save the planet and make money too.


The Challenge we face


Saving the planet and making money have never been the greatest of bedfellows, in fact they are usually at the extremes of the spectrum. Governments and large Corporations have generally, until very recently, shied away from tackling the huge issue of Climate Change, in part simply because of the sheer enormity of the challenge and absolutely because of the perception that the changes needed come at an extremely high cost.


Whilst some giants of the Worlds community of countries (notably the USA and China) continue to deny or ignore the message of urgency behind the Scientific community's consensus of the issue, Corporations are realising that there is a growing movement amongst the people of the world, their ultimate customers, born from a realisation that we are facing a potential catastrophe. The problem for Business, as many see it, is that there is no existing technological solution to ‘their’ problem, or at least none that deals with their problem AND makes money to satisfy their ‘obligation to shareholders’.


“This transformation must be achieved over time but also in time. No single country has the capacity to decisively shift the global energy base or land use patterns on its own. To this end, policies need to be set in place now; technologies need to be developed, matured, commercialised, and deployed at scale; and the practices and behaviours of economic actors need to move ever faster toward low emission and sustainable business and investment.”(Go to article)


For the UK, Reaching net-zero emissions requires an annual rate of emissions reduction (15 MtCO2e per year) that is 50% higher than under the UK’s previous 2050 target. This is an indication of how substantial the step up in action must be to cut emissions in every sector.


Fusion has, at the core of its activities and reward based funding mechanism, a serious answer to meeting the Paris Accord’s 3 aims, enshrined in its articles and adopted by many Countries including the UK. 

Fusion Cornerstone Technology

Fusion uses a fully Patented process for 'cracking' methane using plasma technology; splitting it into Hydrogen and capturing usable carbon in the form of high and consistent quality Graphene and Ethylene as a byproduct of the process. These 'reactors' will be deployed on a modular basis and can be deployed alongside a Hydrogen storage module for applications where there is a need to provide energy on demand.


The Camel - Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen Storage can be used as a way more eco alternative to the large batteries used for alternative off peak energy storage.


The Elephant - HGA 100 Reactor

Annual Production Figures:

Hydrogen - 168 Tons / 2,048,760m3

Graphene - G1 - 113.4 Tons / G3 - 378 Tons

Carbon Emissions Reduced - 303.7 Tons


The Rhino - HGA 10 Reactor

Annual Production Figures:


Hydrogen - 15.12 Tons / 184,380m3

Graphene - G1 - 7.56 Tons or G3 - 25,2 Tons

Carbon Emissions Reduced - 55.398 Tons

The Tiger - HGA 1 Reactor

Annual Production Figures:


Hydrogen - 0.924 Tons / 11,256m3

Graphene - G1 - 0.252 Tons or G3 - 0.840 Tons

Carbon Emissions Reduced - 4.2 Tons

Three production models are considered - The Fusion Tiger, Rhino, and Elephant reactor modules. Tiger and Rhino reactors have been operationally proven, the Elephant reactor is at an advanced design stage. Operational Tiger and Rhino reactors have performed in line with the design modelling and the same methodology has been applied to the production of the Elephant reactor designs. Although the Elephant reactor represents a significant evolution in operational efficiency, the processes underpinning the design and performance specification are well understood by the design team and consistent with their experience of the Tiger and Rhino reactors operational characteristics.

Defining the Problem and Approach


In defining and addressing the issues facing individual companies, we have characterised ‘the problem’ based on Industries. We have identified 6 industry sectors that we are focusing on at launch based on;


our knowledge and current interactions with at least one major corporation in that sector


our understanding of the Industry wide issues facing that sector (for example the level of their CO2 emissions or changing regulations) 


The opportunity that one or more of our materials, product development approach or processes represents to that company and sector


The financial potential, both in terms of the impact to that industry and Corporation as well as the returns for Fusion.

These Industry Sectors are;


Immediate priorities are;

  • Hydrogen

  • The Built Environment

  • Graphene

  • Aerogel


followed by;

  • Energy

  • Aerospace

  • Technology

  • Transport

  • Waste/Recycling


Fusion is already working with one or more of the Corporations that dominate each of these sectors. 

Our Vision

Vision Statement


Fusion will be at the forefront of a new, UK led, EcoTech & EcoEnergy Revolution for the benefit of the planet and its people.

Mission Statement

Fusion brings together next generation fuels, materials and technology with the commercial focus to make truly game changing advances in profitable ecotech that will make the greatest impact on the climate emergency possible. We will do this by harnessing existing technology and specialist knowledge gained from the experience of leading academics and innovative companies, supported by some of the biggest names in Industry in a common effort to make a real difference. 


All Fusion companies and partners subscribe to a shared set of values. It’s these values that underpin and foster our strong working relationship and a collaborative ethos to make change happen.


  • Together we can make money whilst saving the planet

  •  Let’s leverage our collective genius through genuine and open collaboration 

  • We will always have a commitment to win - win partnerships

  • We are passionate about Innovation and are always focused on it’s commercial application

  • We care about our Social Impact. “SOCIAL IMPACT” is always doing the right thing – for our team, for the communities in which we operate, for our partners and their customers and, crucially, for the environment. Most importantly, this means the decisions that we make naturally consider their social impact. It is at the heart of our business model.

  • We have Integrity and will always ensure we maximize ‘benefit’ before ‘gain’

Our Vision

Our Approach

The diagram below shows how we could help our Fusion Sector Companies and Partners to deliver World changing solutions with minimum exploration outlay for that party and potentially huge returns financially. The model takes advantage of our crowd funding platform made up of individual green investors and companies wishing to gain green certificates and of course financial returns.

Fusion business plan.jpg

Fusion will launch with a structure that provides a common brand under a common Vision, Mission and shared Values for not only the core Fusion businesses but also with a multi-layered ‘Partner’ programme that will bring some of the biggest Corporations in to the mix alongside respected Scientists in Academia and Government funded Institutions, tasked with supporting their commercial application (the NCC and MTC).


We launch with immediate opportunities, some at advanced stages of commercial development, that will be our Phase 1 focus over the next 3 years and with the structure to grow Fusions core technology suite as well as Venture opportunities and Sector Partners in future Phases.


In realising these opportunities, Fusion will pioneer a focused approach to bring new products to market for a specific purpose, prove their application and value within a specific Fusion Venture vehicle and then sell or float at the right time. The example above, Fusion's Decarbonisation of Methane, demonstrates the value of the collaborative Fusion approach and further examples are also detailed within this business plan and supporting information. These are Atelio’s New Home development plan and the “Wonderwall” product development, led by Tufeco.  


The Fusion vision is not limited to the existing technology suite, it will provide a vehicle for further development and deployment of new technology being developed by some of the leading specialists in their fields. We will achieve this by harnessing existing, often untapped and revolutionary, technology and specialist knowledge gained from the experience of leading academics and innovative companies. These will be offered access to our advanced materials, at a price that makes them viable, and the active support of Fusion and its Industry partners.


At launch Fusion will set up operations through This will include an Eco Investment platform, which will feature four immediate opportunities to invest in Fusion Venture companies that will be actively using the technology, approach and multiple combinations of the products within Fusion. These are;, and three companies, Tufeco, Atelio and ShellEco. will also launch and actively promote a new tradable Sustainable Certification and advanced Carbon Credit program.

How does the Fusion group make Money?


Fusion Ecotech Ltd will operate all commercial activity through, which in turn will take a majority stake in each key Fusion operational SPV and a minority stake of at least 35% of each target acquisition Venture Company.  Our commercial agreements will include operational details that will include working capital and revenue share.  In the mid to long term these investments will also earn significant Dividends and our Balance Sheet will reflect the growth in share value that our support and unique materials access will bring.


New key industry focused SPV companies, starting with,, and, will produce significant profits; the benefit of which will be enjoyed by as well as the investors in these specific companies.


The commercial benefit of our share percentage will show in any spin off SPVs that are created for product commercialisation, proof of IP value and any future sale or float of individual companies or IP.


At start, seed capital will fund Fusion/ at cost + contingency for its core Operations over a 3 year period as well as the set up and initial operation of the platform. operations will, in the short to medium term, earn income from the launch of Tradable Sustainability Certificates and the management of Fusion Carbon Credits. 


Fusion’s Specific Role

  • To ensure that Fusions Values are aligned and adopted by all stakeholders.

  • To drive the rapid deployment of Technology solutions to the Climate Crisis.

  • To stimulate and create the Markets for its technology suite and specific product development.

  • To maximise opportunity and foster collaboration and support in the commercialisation of products and processes. 

  • To coordinate R&D across all stakeholders and to ensure cross opportunities are recognised and actioned.

  • To engage and support early stage R&D from Academia and start-up ecotech companies.

  • To support with strategic considerations where appropriate or requested.

  • To ensure the proper governance and financial control of all Fusion companies.

  • To ensure there is access to funding when required.

  • Foster great relationships across all ‘stakeholders’ within Fusion and external agencies that act in support.

  • To support commercial negotiations as well as Legal support, eventually via an In-House Council.

  • To help with access to potential customers and partners.

  • To work closely with Government and with Government funded organisations, including those tasked with the awarding of government grants such as Innovate UK, in pursuit of financial support where required.

  • To create a strong brand associated with Fusion and to promote Fusion Companies and their activities through select media including social media.

  • To ensure that all products that result from collaboration are protected appropriately.

Our Approach

Our Core Materials

One of our priorities involves the further commercialisation of a proprietary process for 'cracking' methane using plasma technology; splitting and capturing the carbon in the form of good quality Graphene with Hydrogen and Ethylene a byproduct of the process. Because this method removes the carbon from the worst offender greenhouse gas Methane, these by default are the most eco Graphene, Hydrogen and Ethylene available anywhere Globally. 

ecoHydrogen - The greenest version of the gas that produces energy through burning, with the only byproduct being water. Perfect for running - cars, houses, planes, ships, electricity production. 

ecoGraphene - The perfect super strong, very conductive nano building block for it would seem any product, improving performance and with the added benefit of being made from captured carbon rather than most other non eco methods of Graphene production.

ecoAerogel - Being the most non conductive material on the planet makes it the perfect start for any products requiring thermal control - anything from houses, cars, aeroplanes to batteries, switches, sensors, and computer hardware.

ecoComposites - In the past, composites have been primarily used in products that require super performance like F1 cars. But we are pioneers in taking composites to mass market products like houses. This has been made possible by the addition of the products above. The combinations are truly endless.


Fusion ecotech products Diagram.jpg
Our Core Materials Ecotech Investment Platform

In addition to being the Commercial 'Point of the Spear' of Fusion, will launch a fin-tech platform to ensure there is access to funding as and when required across all of Fusion's activities. 


 It is an essential requirement for the streamlined deployment of the EcoTech its core businesses, Ventures and Partners create. By the very nature of the Fusion group of companies, this will be a diversified portfolio, encompassing at start 6 Industry sectors and with 100's of potential applications in the development pipeline, some at a very advanced stage of deployment.


Our priority is to add value throughout the Fusion group companies by accurately reporting to all investors the specific impact of individual initiatives as well as their collective benefit as a whole and over time.


Our focus is three fold;  


First - To create an easily accessible Ecotech Investment Platform that resonates with Private Investors, including unsophisticated citizens, keen to do their part in taking affirmative Climate Action but also keen to make good returns, and; 


Second - To stimulate and attract funds from Institutional Investors, many of whom have Funds or Governance principles anchored on the Green Finance initiative and with definitive targets for Sustainable Investments and;


Third - To ensure the Impact of each and every Investment is actual, measurable, will be Certifiable and can be 'traded' to reward each and every positive action. This principle will be extended as quickly as possible to encompass the reward of choices made, and actions taken, by individual consumers towards a sustainable lifestyle. 


Fusion will initially service the opportunities that Fusion companies will present. As it matures, other Ecotech companies will be able to list their products on the platform under the Investment management of Fusion. Fusion will ensure that either this is done by enrolling them into the Fusion structure or that Fusion has a clear mandate to support. 

The rise of Green Finance


The FT reported on the 20th Jan 2020 "Record sums deployed into sustainable funds. Net inflows almost quadruple to more than $20bn, according to Morningstar" 


They go on to say  "Interest among US investors in sustainable investment funds surged in 2019 amid mounting fears about the risks posed by climate change to the global economy". 


In 2019 the UK Government launched its Green Finance Strategy, aiming to place the UK in a leading position for the adoption of the 3 principal Aim of the UN's Paris Agreement on Climate Change, that to; "make financial flows consistent with a pathway toward low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development."


In the Green Finance Strategy document the Government states;


"Exploring initiatives to accelerate alignment to the Paris Agreement, the Government recognises these actions alone will not create the incentives to redirect finance towards clean and resilient investments at sufficient speed and scale to meet the challenge of the Paris Agreement.


Collectively governments need to be able to track economy-wide efforts to align financial flows and give political impetus to international activity. Further momentum is needed from the public and private sector, including clarifying fiduciary duties and strengthening corporate governance, developing green taxonomies, enhancing climate related financial disclosure and improving climate related data and analytics."


Across Government departments the initiative is clearly a priority. A joint statement by UK Regulators pledging to take action has already resulted in the FCA and FRC launching a new Streamlined Energy and Carbon reporting framework on the 1st April 2020. This introduces mandatory reporting on Energy use and emissions in Company Reports alongside details of their Energy efficiency actions taken over the preceding 12 months, for all large or quoted companies (estimated to be over 11,900 UK Corporations). 



The FCA have also funded Green Finance initiatives including Barclays "Impact Investing Platform" which aims to connect Finance industry players with opportunities.


For example, Aberdeen Investments, who have a long history of sustainable Investment management and who have a body of work/opinion that is continually updated and made freely available to Investors, state  "We are committed to help tackling climate change – for our clients, shareholders and the generations to come. This goal will inform how we invest our clients’ money, manage our assets and conduct our research." 


Read their well researched  opinion about the impact and future of the Climate Emergency measures post Covid-19



Fusion Now

Fusion Now

The team that makes up Fusion are a blend of World leading Academics ground breaking inventors and entrepreneurs. Together they have worked on and developed some of the most exciting Ecotech ever conceptualised.

The development of EcoHydrogen, EcoGraphene, EcoAerogel and EcoComposites have enabled the development of transformational technologies capable of changing the World's carbon emissions. Click here to see our progress to date.

Fusion Graphene Team.jpg

Roadmap and Milestones

Fusion's immediate priority is the creation of the company structure, both in terms of the Fusion team and operational requirements as well as the measures needed to lock in / secure Fusion companies and Fusion Venture companies.


This will lead on to the engagement of the team on the active product development opportunities within the group, which we call the Launch phase. The timeline for each entity will be unique to them. The Returns phase indicates the forecasted milestone of achieving the commercialisation of one or more products or services.


During the first 24 months we will be engaging with target Corporations to bring them into our Sector Partner programme. This programme will streamline deployment into specific industries, in many cases within 12 months of start. 


Our initial investment Ask ensures that we have the immediate ability to follow the optimum path and within 12 months our Eco Investment platform I will be operational, giving Fusion the capacity to engage funding in support of our activities and Ventures when needed and creating a 'Movement' of individual and institutional investors within a platform that can demonstrate its significant impact on climate change. 


Financial Summary

Please contact us for latest figures

Financial Summary

Fusion Sector Partner Scheme

Our Sector Partnership scheme is a key link in our ability to focus on the commercial application of the Science, Technology and advanced Materials at the heart of Fusion. We would expect Sector Partners to commit R&D funds in pursuit of their own specific application needs and will largely be focused on the later, Beta testing and commercialisation, stages of product development. On a case by case basis, Fusion may take a small % of these funds (5%) to cover administrative costs and for early stage conceptual / proof of concept R&D to feed each Sector's R&D stream. 


Our sector partners will subscribe to our Values in working with Fusion and be tasked with reporting on key metrics, including C02 reductions, which Fusion will record and communicate to all investors and stakeholders. We want the efforts of all to be recognised and for there to be considerable pride in our collective achievements.


The first Sectors we will address at start are Hydrogen ( and the Built Environment ( Sectors.


The Built Environment


The Construction Industry Council (CIC) suggests that the built environment, '...encompasses all forms of building (housing, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, etc.), and civil engineering infrastructure, both above and below ground and includes the managed landscapes between and around buildings.'




We have several potential Built Environment Sector Partners that Fusion members have already engaged with to varying levels.  We have more points of contact with CRH Tarmac than most and they will be approached with the opportunity in the first instance.

Using Tarmac as a Case Study;


Tarmac would collaborate with Fusion to plan a programme of end stage R&D, and the commercialisation of that R&D, naturally focused on Tarmacs' own commercial priorities. Areas of research include;


a De-Carbonisation process for Tarmacs' cement manufacturing plants, converting 70% of the Natural Gas used to H2 and there-bye also creating significant Carbon Credits that could offset Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.


City Smart Roads (incorporating Water Attenuation, Car Charging, Water Filtering, Strengthened Bitumen)

Strengthened Bitumen, increasing the road surfaces usable lifetime and there-bye reducing the environmental impact of resurfacing roads.

Strengthening Concrete. adding a specific quantity of G3 Graphene to concrete has been shown to increase its strength by more than 40%. This opens up the prospect of reducing the amount of Cement required by over 50%, or the need for REBAR and even the possibility for lower quality sand being suitable for Concrete applications, a game-changer for the Middle East in particular.


Highly Insulative (light) Concrete. Concrete is an almost ideal binder for Aerogel. As part of an existing R&D program, we have developed a cement render with a high aerogel loading which achieves around 17 milliwatts (better than anything available in the market with the exception of aerogel blankets). The next stage of this development will include the addition of graphene to strengthen and we will investigate other properties this imparts. We believe there will be certain applications for this product where thermal performance is more important than strength.


Strengthening Plastic. For potential use in the water attenuation system being trialled by Tarmac.


Charging Highways, with the possibility of 'Smart Highways' being able to charge EVs whilst they are driving along the highway as well as to incorporate a system to generate electricity from the road itself.


Charging Parking Points in Cities, where an EV can be parked and charged without a physical connection point.


In addition to the Partner specific program, Fusions own activities in the SPV includes; 


A Recycled Glass Build System, pioneered by Fusion Alliance Member, Tufeco.


A Super Insulation wallpaper for the retrofit of existing homes [Tufeco]


Fireproof Pultrusions (as an alternative to Steel and Wood Frame structures) [Tufeco]


A full scale sustainable living development of 55 New Homes under Atelio, to demonstrate a new way for the Construction Industry and focused on a brief given by Google for their entry into the market.


A new Bio Foam incorporating Aerogel, to address the use of HydroCarbon insulating foam products in "eco solutions" marketed by big corporations (such as Kingspan) and niche players (such as Beattie Passive House). [Aerogel UK]

draining tarmac road 2.png
Fusion Sector Partner Scheme

The Ask

Investment into the main company is now nearing completion. However, we are now offering an investment into our Fusion EcoHydrogen and EcoBuilding company. If you would like to take part in this or further rounds of investments into Fusion companies, please contact:

Jon Gunn - 07595 651607

Jeremy Payne - 07516 799052

The Ask
Research & Development


The I.P. of each Fusion Company or Venture will remain with that Company and any collaboration internally within Fusion or with Sector Partners will respect this arrangement.


Any specific license requirements between companies within Fusion will be addressed as required in commercial agreements that will be in the control of the Board of Fusion Ecotech. At least one Fusion Ecotech Director will be appointed to the Board of each Fusion company or Venture.


A core responsibility, Fusion will act to ensure that all products that are acquired or licensed, or those that result from collaboration, are protected appropriately through Patents, Trademarks or as Company Secrets. Fusion will also ensure there is an ongoing audit and monitoring of I.P. and that I.P. and Patents are always protected through robust action.


Leadership & Structure

Founders 4.png

Each of the Founders of Fusion will take on key roles in the Board for an Interim period but recognise that the company will require a select Senior Management team to maximise opportunity.


This team will embody the values and ethos of Fusion and both guide and advise Fusion as well as the Stakeholders (Members and Ventures) and Partners as appropriate. 


The Senior team will work together to Develop the Strategic Plan Build Alliances and Partnerships with other organisations Promote the activities of the Company and promote great performance and positive morale.

Fusion will also appoint an experienced In-House Council, part time at first, who will advise the board and take active an active role across the spectrum;

  • Legal

  • Strategic Direction

  • Communication, particularly in relation to the Government and Political spectrum

  • Elements of Risk management, with a commercial and balanced approach

  • Commercial, including involvement in negotiations and the documentation, monitoring and management of agreements.

The key roles required are;




  • Provides inspiring leadership throughout the (wider) organisation

  • Build and model a great company culture that is true to our Values

  • Establish and maintain a great working relationship with the Board of Directors and Stakeholders

  • To set the course for Company Strategy and Policy

  • To act as the primary spokesperson for the Company

  • and to establish effective and well organised Investment processes.


  • To oversea the Company's' fiscal activity (Budgeting, Reporting and Auditing)

  • Assist with high level decisions about policies, strategies and investments

  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance

  • and support the Membership and Venture companies in this regard.


  • Work with key participants to compile budgets and forecasts.

  • Spearhead operational strategies for the streamline deployment of products and services

  • Drive operational capabilities to achieve company goals and 'customer' satisfaction

  • Oversee marketing initiatives and better business practices

  • Work with key participants to control costs and monitor key financial information.




  • Responsible for the research, planning and implementation of the R&D Program

  • Advises the leadership team and stakeholders on resource allocation

  • Outlines the opportunities and goals for Research and Development work with stakeholders to plan and manage R&D activities and collaboration across the organisation

  • To set and champion a Vision for how Ecotech can Change the World


Financial Detail - 3 Year P&L Forecast

If you are interested in investing into Fusion & In>Fusion, we will engage with you separately to go through due diligence.

Financial Detail


To the best of our knowledge there is no single company within the Ecotech world of nano materials research and development that combines the full value chain of production of advanced materials on an Industrial Scale, product development and full commercialisation in partnership with some of the most recognisable corporations with World-Wide operations.


There are companies and organisations that fulfil separate parts of this value chain but we can demonstrate that by working collaboratively and with a common purpose we gain considerable advantage.


The best way to demonstrate this is in the field of Graphene production, Research and Development and the deployment of products.


The Market Today


Active and focused investigation of graphene started less than 10 years ago, after a simple and effective way to produce relatively large isolated graphene samples was discovered. Also known as the micromechanical cleavage technique, the ‘Scotch tape method’ has a low barrier to entry in that it does not require large investments or complicated equipment, which has helped considerably to broaden the geography of graphene science. 

Today there are several methods of producing graphene that can be extended to industrial scale. For electronics applications, high quality graphene can be grown on silicon carbide and other substrates through a process known as chemical vapour deposition. For bulk applications in nanocomposites or printed electronics, natural mined graphite can be used to create graphene flakes in solution. Finally, direct chemical synthesis can be used to create small graphene structures with well-defined geometries.


Mining Graphite and subjecting it to various chemical treatments has made, and kept, the cost of high grade grahene for use in products high. Graphene prices currently range from £250,000 per KG and above for G1 down to £200 per KG for lower grades. The quantity produced is also limited and plays a part in the cost modelling of the material widely used today.


A direct consequence of this is that the Research and Development of potential uses for Graphene have been economically limited to relatively high value products. 

However, there is wide recognition of the value of using Graphene in a variety of applications that have the potential to transform the world we live in.  In the last 12 + months both the UK's National Graphene Institute and the EU's Graphene Flagship initiatives have been lunched with substantial Government funding support.


The Fusion model, as detailed in this plan, is based upon a method of production that is both massively scaleable and at a high level of quality control. It will create considerable downward pressure on the cost of Graphene, we have modelled a cost for G3 grade Graphene starting at £100 per KG (a minimum 50% reduction to the current market value) and reducing to £25 within 10 years, and this will make the use of Graphene possible in mass use applications (for example as an additive to strengthen concrete so that an inferior quality of sand can be used in Arabia, who currently import coarse sand from Australia, or to reduce the need for Rebar in construction). We recognise that across the entire spectrum of sustainability, Graphene, singularly or in combination with other advance materials and applications, has the potential to accelerate climate change action impact across all three 'Scopes' outlined in the Paris Agreement. 


The proprietary process of manufacture alone will make decarbonisation of major Corporate 'polluters' possible, both practically and financially.


Fusion also has another advantage, not available to others in this space; the internal availability and cost of Graphene for the research and commercialisation of products within Fusion.   


The Future


The Fusion vision is not limited to its existing technology suite, it will provide a vehicle for further development and deployment of new technology being developed by some of the leading specialists in their fields. Fusion is in discussion with two further potential Ecotech Partners involved in the production of complementary energy technology, clean hydrogen, and nano-materials. In common with Cambridge Nanosystems, Tufeco and Aerogel UK, these businesses, and the key individuals within them, have long-term relationships with the Fusion team. 


As the business develops, Fusion will act as a technology and R&D hub for other complimentary businesses and work toward enabling not only the extension of the product range, but also to further the active deployment of the suite of Fusion products.

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