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Fusion Sector Partners

Our Sector Partnership scheme is a key link in our ability to focus on the commercial application of the Science, Technology and advanced Materials at the heart of the Fusion Alliance. Sector Partners will commit R&D funds in pursuit of their own specific application needs and will largely be focused on the later, Beta testing and commercialisation, stages of product development. Fusion will take a % of these funds (5%) to cover administrative costs and for early stage conceptual and proof of concept R&D to feed each Sector's R&D stream. 


Our sector partners will subscribe to our Values in working with Fusion and be tasked with reporting on key metrics, including C02 reductions, which Fusion will record and communicate to all investors and stakeholders. We want the efforts of all to be recognised and for there to be considerable pride in our collective achievements.


The first Sector we will address at start is The Built Environment.


The Construction Industry Council (CIC) suggest that the built environment - 

'...encompasses all forms of building (housing, industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, etc.), and civil engineering infrastructure, both above and below ground and includes the managed landscapes between and around buildings.'




We have several potential Built Environment Sector Partners that the Fusion Alliance members have already engaged with to varying levels.  We have more points of contact with CRH Tarmac than most and they will be approached with the opportunity in the first instance.


Tarmac represents an interesting model to better describe the opportunity that joining the Fusion Alliance as a Sector Partner represents.


Tarmac will be invited to join the Fusion Alliance as our Built Environment Partner and will collaborate with Fusion to plan a programme of end stage R&D, and the commercialisation of that R&D, naturally focused on Tarmacs' own commercial priorities. Areas of research include:


  • De-Carbonisation process for Tarmac's cement manufacturing plants - converting 70% of the Natural Gas used to H2 and there-bye also creating significant Carbon Credits that could offset Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

  • City Smart Roads - incorporating Water Attenuation, Car Charging, Water Filtering, Strengthened Bitumen.

  • Strengthened Bitumen - increasing the road surfaces useable lifetime and there-bye reducing the environmental impact of resurfacing roads.


  • Strengthening Concrete - adding a specific quantity of G3 Graphene to concrete has been shown to increase its strength by more than 40%. This opens up the prospect of reducing the need for REBAR and for lower quality sand being suitable for Concrete applications, a game-changer for the Middle East in particular.

  • Strengthening Plastic - For potential use in the water attenuation system currently being trialled by Tarmac. Trials we have performed to date adding our Graphene, suggest we could even use recycled plastic because of its' performance increase levels.

  • Charging Highways - with the possibility of 'Smart Highways' being able to charge EVs whilst they are driving along the highway as well as to incorporate a system to generate electricity from the road itself.

  • Charging Parking Points in Cities - where an EV can be parked and charged without a physical connection point.


Tarmac will provide Fusion with an agreed R&D fund to be used on the jointly agreed plan. We have modelled £10 m above. 5% will be ring-fenced by Fusion to cover the operational costs incurred and to be used by Fusion on its discretionary concept R&D programme for emerging ecotech. 


Tarmac would also benefit financially from all Fusion Ecotech products that have been rolled out with a commercial application, during the 3 year tenure. The Sector Partnership agreement will include payment of 5% net profits to Tarmac for all applications outside of the Tarmac specific plan. In this case the Fusion Alliance, as part of the first 3 year phase, is working on:


  • A Recycled Glass Build System - pioneered by Fusion Alliance Member - Tufeco.

  • A Super Insulation wallpaper - for the retrofit of existing homes - Tufeco

  • Fireproof Poltrusions (as an alternative to Steel and Wood Frame structures) -Tufeco

  • A full scale sustainable living development of 55 New Homes - to demonstrate a new way for the Construction Industry and focused on a brief given by Google for their entry in to the market. Atelio

  • A new Bio Foam incorporating Aerogel - to address the use of Hydro Carbon insulating foam products in "eco solutions" marketed by big corporations (such as Kingspan) and niche players (such as Beattie Passive House) - Aerogel UK

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