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Graphene is a one atom thick layer of carbon. These flat sheets weigh 0.001% compared to paper of the same size and have extraordinary properties. They conduct electricity and heat better than most metals whilst being strong and flexible at the same time. Graphene is compatible with existing materials, from plastics to ceramics and metals. Hybrids display the best of both and are therefore able to revolutionise industries from automotive to aerospace, power supply to construction and healthcare to the design of everyday electronics. Application areas are literally limitless.

Graphene will reshape the manufacturing processes and the performance of thousands of consumer goods. Everyday objects will be more connected, interactive and resilient as a result of this revolutionary material. Highly controlled material is the cornerstone of any real graphene breakthrough.

What makes our Graphene Unique?

We use a novel and proprietary production method based on microwave plasma. The graphene produced has no additive, surfactants, catalyst or metal impurities. Up until now, nobody has been able to produce enough ultra-high-quality graphene that is defect-free and impurity-free. Our innovative production method enables the commercial scale production of these multi-functional, high-performance materials for the very first time. Our production plant based in the UK currently has a production capacity at 5 tonnes per year.

Our graphene is very thin and slightly crumpled, ensuring performance and avoiding stacking at the same time. Thus, our graphene is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for electronic inks, polymer, metal composites and coatings. The material’s morphology is also precisely controlled, with single-layer structures and no oxidation level, to ensure the best performance in the final application. We offer our graphene in two forms: powder and dispersion.

The advanced properties of graphene can be harnessed for a broad range industries. Specific application areas include:


  • Lightweight composites for body structures

  • Thermal management and fast de-icing devices

  • Self-diagnosis composites

  • EMI shielding and lightning strike protections

  • Lubricants with enhanced anti-wear properties

  • Embedded electronic circuits and antennas

  • Improved coatings for corrosion resistance

  • Electronics

  • Heat dissipation devices

  • EMI shielding coatings

  • Transparent, flexible and conductive thin films

  • Energy harvesting devices

Why is EcoGraphene the greenest in the World?

Although Graphene is amazing, most current production techniques are far from eco or sustainable. They usually involve mining for Graphite, then using chemicals to break it down, then using resources to clean the resulting Graphene. The end result is not perfect either, often containing a lot of lingering contaminants and imperfections.


Our Fusion Alliance member has developed a unique and very cost effective method of making up to top grade G1 Eco Graphene by 'cracking' Methane using plasma technology, with additional resulting byproducts - EcoHydrogen and EcoEthylene. This process effectively 'captures' the carbon from Methane, a worse offender greenhouse gas.

  • Manufacturing process that captures carbon from Methane (The World’s worst and most prolific greenhouse gas).

  • Creating products that improve performances in their second/third/fourth life.

  • Providing the most sustainable method of Hydrogen gas production to supply a new eco car, air, rail and house heating market place.

Key Points:

Fusion is taking full advantage of this carbon capture process by creating a series of ecotech products using the broken down components of the 'cracking' process.


 Below the diagram shows the basic process that has developed - showing the splitting of methane into EcoHydrogen and EcoGraphene. This is why EcoHydrogen is Eco as well.

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