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Fusion Aerogels 

Fusion Aerogel

Why is our Aerogel green? 

Special permissions were granted for a large steam pipe to be installed between the WTE plant and the Enersens aerogel plant - the steam powers the aerogel production process.


Enersens silica aerogel (KWARK) granules and powders have been fully characterised and are 100% amorphous (non – crystalline) silica and therefore safe.


Aerogel including blankets are recyclable.


Unlike many insulation materials – aerogel does not degrade over time and cannot be damaged by water – this long service life is a very important green credential.


At present the majority of the world’s insulation is based on petrochemical based chemicals and blowing agents such as Pentane – all very damaging to the environment.

These conventional insulations degrade over short periods of time – dramatically reducing the effectiveness of the insulation and releasing harmful CFC’s.


Aerogels can easily achieve an A1 Fire rating as they are essentially mineral in composition and are very light and highly breathable and do not release highly toxic chemicals such as Hydrogen Cyanide in the event of fire – unlike the majority of conventional petrochemical based insulation

  • Manufacturing process that captures carbon from Methane (The World’s worst and most prolific greenhouse gas).

  • Super insulates to reduce the amount of energy required to heat buildings/cars/planes.

  • A bi-product of production is Hydrogen gas which is the greenest heating gas on the planet.

Production Process

Ethanol produced from waste Methane gas

Mix TEOS with Ethanol and water

Sol – Gel Transition

Ageing – finalisation of the 3D network (backbone)

Hydrophobic treatment via silylation from amethyldisiloxane 


Drying at atmospheric pressure via microwave technology


All of these processes are fully patented by Enersens and chemicals are recycled throughout the process – The patented drying process is unique and highly energy efficient.


Tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) is the source of silica for the aerogel backbone (the solid component of silica aerogel) – TEOS is a colourless liquid and is widely used in industry and is non toxic.


The Enersens plant is embedded within a chemical factory – part of which specialises in the manufacture of perfumes. The aerogel manufacturing process requires large quantities of pharmaceutical grade ethanol – the ethanol is available on site – no transportation required and existing safety measures are in place.


The majority of power needed is supplied via steam.

The Enersens plant is located directly opposite a state of the art - Waste To Energy (WTE) plant.

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