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'I used to think it was all about saving the Planet. It's not about saving the Planet, it's about saving us!'

Sir David Attenborough

'This is the last of a series of one way doors'

'Our single most important intergenerational responsibility is to preserve the planet for the next generation'

Angel Gurria,  Sec Gen OECD


Imagine a World...

...where waste methane

Wonderwall design.jpg

ending up in EcoTech all around us...


We call this Ecotech. We know that the specific Ecotech solutions we have chosen to launch with are simply 'game changing'. They can be deployed quickly by streamlining the final stages of their commercial development in partnership with the Corporations that would use them ‘in the field’, helping to 'clean up their act' at the same time.

Read what Fusions products and services are here

See more about the Industry Sectors we are working with here in Fusion Now

turned into...

is stripped of its' Carbon




...where at least 70% of the waste methane and ‘Natural Gas’ supplies used as Energy to power our civilisation is stripped of its carbon (in the form of the highly valued super-conductive, light weight and strong Graphene) and is turned into Hydrogen, a green energy source with pure water as its only emission; where that pure Carbon (Graphene), harvested in industrial quantities, can transform our lives by reducing our energy needs and by enabling technological improvements that will lead us to a sustainable way of living; where Aerogel, the yin to the yang of Graphene as a super-insulative advanced material, can accelerate energy saving on a massive scale; and where these materials can be integrated with advanced (recycled glass) composites materials, could have the potential to significantly reduce humanity’s reliance on natural resources in all the products around us.  


Fusion Business Model.jpg

Fusion Plan Summary


‘We have the technology, we have the brain power, we have the money & the will of the people. What we haven’t had up until now is the Alliance to combine all of these to create the products that has at its' heart our Mission to help lead us out of this climate crisis and into a new sustainable way of living.’

Fusion is about bringing a small select group of innovative companies and leaders in their fields together, with a targeted commercial objective in sight and with the vision and resources to deliver significant returns and at the same time significant results for the economic and social benefit of ‘UK Plc’. and the people of the World.

Fusion Graphene Team.jpg

We are determined to be at the forefront of a new, UK led, EcoTech Revolution for the benefit of the planet and its' people.

We will do this by harnessing existing 'untapped' revolutionary technology and specialist knowledge gained from the experience of leading academics and innovative companies, supported by some of the biggest names in Industry in a common effort to make a real difference. 


How will this container give you an 80% return on your investment every year? 


Read here...

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The team that makes up Fusion are a blend of World leading Academics ground breaking inventors and entrepreneurs working in conjunction with Industry Sector Partners and Research and Development bodies. Together they have worked on and developed some of the most exciting Ecotech ever conceptualised.

Read more about: 

The Leadership team and our values here

The Fusion Alliance’s suite of materials, products and services interweave to create seemingly endless possibilities for future value. Our focus, however, is on very specific applications relating to individual Industry sectors.

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How Fusion will make money here


Fusion ecotech products Diagram.jpg

The Fusion ‘business model’ evolved organically over the past 4 years as the principals of these companies first explored opportunities and then started to assist each other and collaborated. It was rapidly established that mutual collaboration was accelerating the identification of solutions and further massive opportunities for applications using the properties of both Graphene and Aerogel in combination.

At the heart of the Fusion Business model is the concept of bringing together and financing existing opportunities to accelerate the commercial rollout of technological solutions to the Global Climate crisis.

Read what Fusions products and services are, here.

See more about the Industry Sectors we are working with here.


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