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CAMETICS is an R&D enterprise born out of the University of Cambridge. It was founded in 2014 by two of the Professors with the mission of bringing to the market innovative solutions in the field of advanced materials, such as nano carbons, metals and polymers.


CAMETICS specialises in design and fabrication of nano composite and hybrid products for thermal, electrical and structural applications and also holds unique IP providing solution for joining carbon materials and other materials generally considered as difficult to solder.


What is a Fusion typical customer?

Cametics example.jpg


In many ways the model shown above is very typical of Universities and entrepreneurs around the Country and in fact the World.​

Products developed like this that use nano technology to make potentially game changing solutions, but their is a lack of support on the final delivery of the product to the end customer.


Taking this product into the Fusion model, it easy to see how things could scale up quickly for the company. Assuming they have passed our approval/acceptance mechanisms, we would then be able to work out the current blockages to market and create a business model around solving them.

Under NDA, Fusion's Core and Sector Partners would be given a heads up on the new product to see how they could use it themselves or sell it to others they know. 

Once we have worked out the additional ecotech that could be created using their product, we can deploy our sophisticated funding mechanism involving our Partners, Approved Investors, Crowd funding through InFusion and any Government Grants that are available.

The funding of their product or subsequent products we create using a mix of our technologies, starts with stage one initial seed funding. This is followed my proof of concept funding to enable us to deploy live projects into their market or for an interested party. The final round of funding will enable the manufacturing of the product or in some cases the sale of the Company to interested parties that Fusion would find. 


Fusion are also able to offer Cametics a commercial R&D service focused on providing a unique approach to their client’s most demanding needs. By using the Fusion Team's combined knowledge and experience, exciting and novel solutions can be created which will provide a competitive edge for their clients over the current market. We also offer them and their customers ongoing support in the growth and scale-up of such products for commercialisation.

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